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The primary foundation of the British geodetic scheme is defined by the 2 by 1 rectangle with corners at East Point and West Point, the diagonal established by the landscaping of Burrowbridge Mump (minor Golden Section of line) and Glastonbury Tor, construction of Silbury Hill, of Dorchester Big Rings Henge&Cursus (Major Golden Section of line), Whiteleaf Chalk Cross and Barrows. The Pyramid Plan is established by the construction of Cerne Giant (Orion at end of Orion Shaft), the equivalent being (at the same position) in the northern pyramid, the massive Orion's-Belt henge+cursus trio of Thornborough; Wilmington Long Man ("Balance of Upper and Lower" line (lotus-upper and papyrus-lower staffs) due West to Cerne Giant, as with King's Chamber level height ratio), and the Slope Line is established by the Tump of Lewes, Pool Bar Cursus of Lewes floodplain - dead-straight reed-filled, ditch-bordered and exactly at G.P. angle, Landport Bottom ridge Orion-belt G.P angle-orientated tumuli trio Lewes, Woking tumuli, Marlow floodplain Orion-belt tumuli trio.

Phoenix Fire

The plans of Khufu’s chambers hide
Amid our British greenery.
The form is printed far and wide
Where slopes of gold on either side
Run down to meet the sea.
The Mansion of Osiris stands
Upon the Balance-of-the-Lands.
The Earthly and the Oceanic Powers
Are measured in the scales equally.
The Mansion stands amid the Field of Flowers
Enduring like the stars, eternally.

The Triangle Egyptian boasts
Harmonious geometry
Which spans the land from coast to coast
Invoking Beauty by the most
Aesthetic alchemy.
And I would like to build again
Not with stones but with my pen
That pyramid, from fragrant words of rhyme
By the poet’s deft technology
To stand in the collective human mind
Enduring like the stars, eternally.

In times of quiet contemplation
Neither pen nor book in hand
I like to let my meditation
Fly to sites around the nation
Beautifully planned
As a man in drugged inertia
Feeds his gaze on rugs of Persia
Peacefully observing the design
While phoenix-fire flickers in the hearth
So I let the eye within my mind
Journey out along some ancient path.

Come inside, drop gard’ning things
Unfurl the feathers of your mind
When teatime’s four o’clock bell rings
Sit you down and spread your wings
With your course aligned
At Khufu’s Angle ‘cross the southern Weald
Over Plumpton’s plain to Lewes town
Osiris’ road traverses many a field
Leading onward over vale and down.

Why the Great Pyramid? :-

Four Golden Rectangles, with diagonals. Cut along diagonals, stick together adjacent against adjacent, to make four faces Stick four faces together, add a suitable covering, et voila! The Great Pyramid. Arial photo of Great Pyramid - notice same line down middle is present, indicating these half-Golden Rectangle triangles.

So, the reason why the Great Pyramid is such a harmonious form is more readily apparent when considering the faces than the cross section, for these are derived directly from the Golden Rectangle.

Original Glastonbury Pyramid Stage

(Foundation of "Jangleland" is 2 by 1 Rectangle whose diagonal, from East Point to West Point, passes through Glastonbury, Silbury Hill, Dorchester on Thames)

Pharaoh of Pop : McCartney Set 2004 Pyramid Stage Glastonbury

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