Saturday, 8 September 2007

Meet The Hapi Monkeys

Above: The Fab Four Sons of Horus
(Ape-headed Hapi bottom right)
Above: Bes, Egyptian Protective Dwarf God

Bes playing Harp and Tamborine, Ape playing Lyre, Hathor Sistrum

Welcome to the Jangleland Blog, the official blog of The Hapi Monkeys, featuring Bes.

To listen to their song, Hathor in Tranquillity with Papyrus:

The Hapi Monkeys featuring Bes

In the pictures above we see, from left to right, the Egyptian dwarf god Bes dancing and playing the harp in honour of Hathor, the cow goddess of joy, dancing and drunkenness, from the Temple of Philae in Upper Egypt; Bes again playing the tambourine (this must have been before he joined the Happy Mondays (In a striking echo of his Ancient Egyptian namesake, the lanky Manchester anti-hero Bez, of course, danced with the Mondays while shaking maracas and tambourines and things); an ape playing a lyre from the same temple, perhaps this is Hap[i himself, Hapi being the ape-headed god of the North, one of the Four Sons of Horus each assigned to a cardinal direction) thi siamge also from Philae; and far right the sistrum, a type of rattle with metal disks like a tamborine, decorated with the head of Hathor.

The blog will feature a series of posts which shed some light on the mysteries of which this song sings.

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